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Introduction to the HCA


Health and Nutrition Courses Online

The Health Confidence Academy encourages its patients to actively participate in their health care. It is a place where you can research and learn various health information topics through different online courses, including articles, videos, and quizzes. 

With improved knowledge about health conditions, patients can more fully understand what their doctor is telling them. This allows the patient to ask appropriate questions and take a more direct approach to their health care decisions. This interaction and open conversation builds a stronger relationship between the patient and their doctor.

The Founder of the Health Confidence Academy

Dr. John Dygert wanted to provide a health care system where patients could take ownership of their health, so he founded the Health Confidence Academy. Through a combination of affordable, accessible health care and platforms to increase health literacy, Dr. John Dygert has introduced a system that can improve health outcomes.

"Patients who are well-informed and engaged in their care are healthier. They form more meaningful partnerships with their medical professionals. They spend less money on health care, and require medical services less often. In short, health confidence is a game-changer."

Dr. John Dygert 

Founder, The Health Confidence Academy

Taking Control of Your Health

Do you ever leave the doctor's office a little worried or confused? Perhaps you didn't quite understand something your doctor said, or you felt embarrassed to ask about a health problem? We often rely solely on doctors to explain certain aspects of health but don't always leave the doctor's office fully informed. 

To make the best health care decisions for you, you need to be actively involved in the process. The best way to make the most of your doctor's appointment is to be prepared. This is where health literacy comes in. By taking the time to learn about your body, illness, or problem, you learn how to be healthier.

At the Health Confidence Academy, we believe that patients who are engaged in their health live a better and healthier life. We provide articles, health and nutrition courses online, discussions, and quizzes to help you understand topics vital to maintaining good health. 

Heart Health


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Preventive Medicine


Learn More About Preventive Medicine



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